FASTPASS / MHT Smart Rewards

Parking FAQs


What if I can’t find my vehicle?

One of our staff members can assist in locating your vehicle. Contact the parking office at 603-641-5444; pick up a courtesy phone in the elevator lobby on any level of the parking garage; or stop by the office located at the exit of the parking garage.

Are reservations needed?

Reservations are not needed, and passengers can always show up to the Airport and pack. However, we do offer the ability to reserve and pay in advance for your parking.

Is there a limit on how long I can park in the garage?

There is no limit to how long you can park in the garage. However, we ask that you notify the parking office at 603-641-5444 with your vehicle information if you will be parking your vehicle for 45 days or more.

What do I do when I arrive?

At the entrance of the garage, you can touch the “Get a Ticket” button on the screen to receive a paper ticket or insert your credit card to use your card as your ticket. (Please note that if you use your credit card, you will not receive a paper ticket, and you will need the same credit card at the exit to complete your transaction.)  You can then proceed to any open level of the garage and park your vehicle. Upon your return, drive to the exit of the garage and scan your ticket at the exit kiosk or insert the credit card you used at the entry, and your fee will be calculated.

Do you offer any discounts for handicap plates or placards?

Yes, we provide a discount of up to 24 hours. Simply see an attendant at the garage exit or press the “Help” button at the exit kiosk for assistance.

What if I want to still use my FASTPASS card? How do I set this up?

Current passengers with FASTPASS cards can still use them with LAZ Parking. Please visit the parking office located at the garage exit to update your credit card information at your convenience.

What is the new rewards program, and how do I sign up for this?

Passengers can sign up for the new MHT Smart Rewards program by following this link.

I have a voucher that I received from points earned in the old FastPass program.  How do I use it?

Please scan the barcode on the voucher at the red light of the entrance kiosk to enter the garage, and scan it again at the exit when you leave. The cost of the parking will be deducted from the value of the voucher, and the voucher can be reused until the entire value is depleted.

Someone else is picking up my car. What do I do?

When you arrive at the garage, please press the “Get a Ticket” button on the screen to receive a paper ticket and leave the ticket in the vehicle.  The person picking up the car should use that ticket at the exit to pay for the parking charges.

I used my credit card to enter the garage, but someone else is picking up the car, and they won’t have my credit card.

Please use the far-left lane when exiting the garage, and see an attendant for assistance. You should have available the last 4 digits of the card used when the vehicle entered the garage, and one of our staff members can look up the card in our system.

I lost my ticket. How do I exit?

Please use the far-left lane when exiting the garage, and see an attendant for assistance. We may ask for a copy of your itinerary in order to confirm or verify your entry date.

My FastPass isn’t working. What do I do?

Please contact our parking office at 603-641-5444. It is likely that your credit card information has not been updated since our transition to new equipment, and your credit card information must be updated in our system.

I travel out of MHT Airport frequently. Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! Our free-to-join MHT Smart Rewards Program will allow you to earn cash back on parking, shopping, dining, and more. Sign up here.

How do I contact for further information?

For any questions or concerns, you can reach the LAZ Parking office at




Manchester-Boston Regional Airport reserves the right to modify, change or cancel the Frequent Parker FASTPASS Program at any time. FASTPASS accounts that reflect “NO” parking activity for 18 months will be considered inactive and will be deactivated. Lost/Damaged FASTPASS cards will incur a $15.00 replacement fee, charged to the credit/debit card that is linked to your account. MHT, and/or its agents, will not be responsible for any/all charges made to your account prior to MHT being notified of the lost/stolen cards. MHT is not responsible for the accuracy of your personal or credit card information provided when setting up or editing your account. Any and all Reward Points have no cash value and are not transferrable from one account to another. Unredeemed rewards points will not be valid after 18 months or in the event of the termination of the FASTPASS Program or deactivation, cancelation or termination of your account.