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Passenger & Cargo Statistics

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is the premier gateway in and out of the New England region. Check out how many passengers Live Free & Fly with us every month to their various destinations!* You can also see how many pounds of cargo we process each month.

*Historic data source for passenger statistics: U.S. DOT T-100. Since this source typically takes up to three months to process passenger numbers, the Airport provides the most recent three months of data (unaudited and reported by the airlines). These numbers are updated once the official, audited numbers are published by the DOT.


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Total Passengers

This is the total number of passengers that have arrived and departed from MHT in the selected time frame.


When the current year and “All Months” are selected, this number compares the total number of passengers in the current year so far vs. the total number of passengers in the entire previous year. This will not be a full year-over-year comparison until the year is complete.


From Orlando to Los Angeles and everything in between, guests can use MHT to travel to their hearts’ content. Here’s how many people left the area through MHT this month. But don’t worry – they all come back.


Welcome, visitors to New Hampshire, and welcome back, Granite Staters! Travelers come from all over the country to visit our beautiful region of New England, whether for our summer’s sunny skies or our winter’s snowy ski spots. See how many people landed in the great state of New Hampshire this month.

Pounds of Cargo

At Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, we process more air cargo each year than all other regional New England airports combined. For example, in 2021, we processed over 105,000 tons of cargo – that’s 200 million pounds of cargo – or 9.5914 x1010 grams. Anyway, you get the picture. It’s a lot of stuff.

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