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FASTPASS / MHT Smart Rewards

FASTPASS / MHT Smart Rewards

Effective July 1, 2022, MHT transitioned to a new parking service. With the new management company, LAZ Parking, the Airport will be making some major improvements to the parking department, including new equipment, a reservation system, and a new rewards program. Read more about some exciting parking changes here

LAZ Parking is excited to revamp FASTPASS program and introduce MHT Smart Rewards for all passengers to use!

Passengers with a current FASTPASS proximity card may continue to use their proximity card (tapping on entry and exit), with their credit card on file being charged for each parking stay. Please visit the parking office located at the garage exit to update your credit card information or sign up for the program at your convenience. This is a required, one-time visit in order to continue using your proximity card.

While your FASTPASS proximity card will continue to allow you to have convenient access to enter and exit the Airport parking facilities, the card will no longer automatically collect rewards points. If you would like to continue earning points for your parking, please see below for instructions on our to join the new MHT Smart Rewards program.

With MHT Smart Rewards (Powered by Thanks Again), you can earn points for every dollar you spend, and not just on parking! You can also earn points on qualifying purchases from our partnered retailers. You can then redeem your points for rewards like cash back and gift cards to some of your favorite stores. It’s time to get rewarded when you park, shop and dine at more than 100 airports around the country. Sign up for MHT Smart Rewards today. 

For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page.