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MHT Construction Projects to Upgrade Terminal and Airfield

We’re Working to Enhance Your Experience at MHT!

Starting this summer, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport will begin various construction projects to enhance our customers’ and employees’ experience at MHT.

Parking Garage Project: Complete

Levels 4 and 5 of the parking garage were closed for the summer to carry out advanced maintenance. All floors are now open for parking. MHT continually monitors the parking situation to ensure there is always enough space for our customers to park.

Escalator Replacement Project

We are replacing our two main escalators with new and improved ones that are also reversible. While this project will take between 8 to 10 months to complete, we know it will be a better experience for our customers in the long run. 

We are taking steps to ensure the terminal and the rest of the Airport is still easy to get in and out of during this time. One escalator will always be available to ride up to the main security checkpoint. Elevators are still accessible behind the main staircase by following signs to the left or right around the construction. Our hardworking Granite State Ambassadors are also available at the Information Booth to the left of the construction if you have any questions!

As of October 1, the first escalator has been replaced, and we are slightly ahead of schedule. We hope to complete the project by March 2022.

Cargo Facility Project

MHT has had two back-to-back record-breaking years of cargo growth, which presented us with the opportunity to increase our leading cargo presence in New England. As part of our partnership with Aeroterm to build a new cargo facility announced in February 2021, MHT is responsible for constructing the new cargo apron that will connect the new facility to our airfield.

Once a tenant has been secured for the new cargo facility, the construction will begin on both the new building and new cargo apron.

This project will provide additional jobs, boost the local and regional economy and help us reduce our airline operating costs, allowing us to be more competitive to airlines and help attract new carriers to the Airport.

Restroom Modernization Project

MHT’s existing terminal restrooms are over 25 years old. While they’re in good condition, and our cleaning teams do an incredible job, it’s time for an update!

We are looking at new designs and technology to make our restrooms 100% touch-free. This project will not only help us in our pandemic readiness and make our restrooms more customer-friendly, but it will also make the restrooms more cost- and energy-efficient and easier to clean.

Communications Center Modernization Project

We are planning to expand the footprint of our existing Airport Communications Center. We plan to add new technology and create a new layout of the center that is more ergonomic.

This will help our emergency service dispatchers who monitor the phones, radio, TV and alarm systems. The new design will also provide more space for the dispatchers, allowing us to achieve social distancing measures.


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