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Airport Canine Teams Successfully Complete TSA Program Evaluation

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) is pleased to announce that the airport’s canine teams have successfully completed an extensive Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Canine Program Evaluation.  The evaluation, conducted annually by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is required to ensure that canine teams are able to demonstrate skills specific to explosives detection.

These highly specialized teams perform inspections of various airport facilities and can be seen working throughout the terminal area.  The canine team’s unique capabilities provide an added layer of security for both the airport and the national air transportation system.

Daniel Whidby, DHS Canine Training Instructor and Evaluator, reported that MHT’s handlers are “One of the most proficient teams” he has ever evaluated.  Airport Director Mark Brewer added, "We are very fortunate to have such an exceptional canine unit here at MHT. They should be commended for a job well done, and most importantly, for helping to keep the airport, our employees and customers safe.”