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Lot A Parking for Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Lot A - Hourly Parking
Min Rate: $2.00 per half-hour
Daily Maximum: $24.00
Maximum vehicle height of 6'9"
No additional taxes or fees on our posted rates

Lot A provides hourly parking. It is the closest parking lot to the Terminal.

Accessible Parking - Any motor vehicle carrying a special license plate or valid hanging windshield placard (issued to a person with a walking disability under RSA 261:88, or a similar license plate displaying the international accessibility symbol) shall be allowed 24-hours free parking in the airport parking garage or any airport-operated surface parking lot. An amount equal to one 24-hour parking period will be deducted from the total parking charge upon exit from the parking garage or surface parking lot.

For more information about parking at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, please contact National Garages, Inc. at 603-641-5444.